EDF Certified Data Analysis Professional Exam

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This is only the EDF Certified Data Analysis Professional Exam. The course that will prepare you for this exam is Data Analysis Deep Dive.

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies must make informed decisions based on scientific data and study to stay ahead of the competition. Data analysis has become a critical component of commercial industries, allowing companies to transform raw data into meaningful insights that can guide strategic planning and decision-making processes.

The Effective Data Foundation has created a certification program certifying candidates’ knowledge in data analysis, literacy, and visualization. The program is designed to provide candidates with the necessary skills to analyze and interpret data to drive business decisions effectively.

The EDF Data analysis certification is part of the Effective Data Foundation portfolio. It certifies a candidate’s ability to work with Descriptive Statistics, understand Probability theory and Probability distributions, and perform fundamental Data Analysis.

EDF Certified Data Analysis Professional Exam

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6 500 Kč + 21% DPH

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