Data Analysis with Kibana (EN)

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A powerful search and analytics engine needs an equally powerful user interface for creating advanced visualizations and performing deeper analysis. This course focuses on exactly that, using Kibana to analyze data in Elastic.

Starting with the fundamentals, you will learn the core concepts of data analysis using Kibana — from simple aggregation-based charts to complex geo-based visualizations to results of machine learning jobs of complex time series data — through lectures, labs, and Q&A sessions. You will also learn how to create visualizations and interactive dashboards across a variety of data sets, as well as how to manage Kibana by handling saved objects and creating spaces.


By the end of this course, you will be able to easily find answers and anomalies in your Elasticsearch data sets using Kibana. 


Any technical or non-technical users, including Data Analysts, Security Analysts, Operations Analysts, DevOps, and other business professionals


  • Getting started
  • Search your data
  • Visualize your data
  • Interact with your data
  • Share and present your data
  • Analyze your data with machine learning
  • Advanced Kibana topics
  • Anomaly hunt


No prior knowledge of Kibana or the Elastic Stack required.

Study Materials

Materials are in electronic form.

Data Analysis with Kibana (EN)

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67 000 Kč + 21% DPH

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