CompTIA Linux+ (EN)

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This course cover the skills needed to successfully configure, manage, and troubleshoot Linux systems.
You can choose between 5-days course with instructor or a year access to e-Learning.


CompTIA Linux+ is for the IT pro who will use Linux to manage everything from cars and smartphones to servers and supercomputers, as a vast number of enterprises use Linux in cloud, cybersecurity, mobile and web administration applications.
  • Linux Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Web Administrator
  • Systems Administrator


  • Performing Basic Linux Tasks
  • Managing Users and Groups
  • Managing Permissions and Ownership
  • Managing Storage
  • Managing Files and Directories
  • Managing Kernel Modules
  • Managing the Linux Boot Process
  • Managing System Components
  • Managing Devices
  • Managing Networking
  • Managing Packages and Software
  • Securing Linux Systems
  • Working with Bash Scripts
  • Automating Tasks
  • Installing Linux
e-Learning / self-study

You will get access to the CompTIA CertMaster Learn online platform for 1 year.
  • Lessons cover all exam objectives with integrated videos
  • Hundreds of practice questions test your knowledge
  • Performance-based questions apply what you’ve learned in a scenario
  • Flashcards ensure you know the terminology and acronyms required for the exam
  • The Learning Plan keeps you on track with your studies


To learn with the Official CompTIA Linux+ Study Guide and prepare for your exam, you need to have the following:
  • CompTIA A+ certification
  • CompTIA Network+ certification
  • Have at least 12 months of Linux admin experience

Study Materials

The Official CompTIA Linux+ Student Guide


CompTIA Cloud+, Exam CompTIA Linux+

CompTIA Linux+ (EN)

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