CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ (EN)

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CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ is for both IT and non-technical professionals who require the essential business acumen needed to make informed cloud service decisions. 
You can choose between 3-days course with instructor or a year access to e-Learning.

The Official CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Guide is developed exclusively by CompTIA with input from instructors across the world. Rigorously evaluated by third-party subject matter experts to validate adequate coverage of the Cloud Essentials+ CLO-002 exam objectives, the Official CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Instructor and Student Guides teach the essential skills and knowledge needed to make clear and conscious decisions about cloud technologies and their business impact, and prepares candidates to take the CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ certification exam. 


This course is the first step on a training path that can lead to a technical career and empower professionals to make data-driven cloud recommendations by using key skills to evaluate business use cases, financial impacts, cloud technologies and deployment models.


  • Sales and Marketing Staff in cloud product or service management
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Process Owners
  • Managed Service Provider Personnel
  • New Data Center Staff
  • Technical Support Staff


Understanding Cloud Computing Concepts
  • Understand Basic Concepts and Terms
  • Identify Network and Storage Technologies
  • Recognize Cloud Design Aspects
Applying Cloud Business Principles
  • Relate Cloud Concepts to Business Principles
  • Establish Cloud Vendor Relations
  • Distinguish the Financial Aspects of Engaging a Cloud Service Provider
  • Report Financial Expenditures
Advising a Cloud Design and Migration
  • Relate Cloud Concepts to Cloud Design and Migration
  • Use Cloud Assessments
  • Manage Cloud Design
  • Compare Cloud Migration Approaches
  • Identify Benefits and Solutions of Cloud Services
Operating in the Cloud
  • Relate Cloud Concepts to Technical Operations
  • Identify the Technical Aspects of Cloud Operations
  • Understand DevOps in the Cloud
  • Explain Cloud Security Concerns, Measures, and Concepts
Managing Cloud Governance
  • Relate Cloud Concepts to Governance
  • Apply Risk Management Concepts
  • Understand Compliance and the Cloud
  • Manage Policies and Procedures for Cloud Services
e-Learning / self-study

You will get access to the CompTIA CertMaster Learn online platform for 1 year.
  • Lessons cover all exam objectives with integrated videos
  • Hundreds of practice questions test your knowledge
  • Performance-based questions apply what you’ve learned in a scenario
  • Flashcards ensure you know the terminology and acronyms required for the exam
  • The Learning Plan keeps you on track with your studies

Study Materials

The Official CompTIA Cloud Essentials Student Guide


Exam CompTIA Cloud Essentials+

CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ (EN)

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