Commvault Professional Foundations (EN)

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Take your first step toward becoming a Commvault Certified Professional!

Learn essential skills for configuring and administering Commvault software to protect data in virtual and physical infrastructures. 

A certification exam is included with the course.


This course is designed for personnel responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of Commvault software.


Module 1 – CommCell Environment
This module provides and overview of the CommCell core components and structure, core setup and navigation of the Command Center interface, available features within the Command Center, and customization of the Command Center to align with your organization’s branding.
Module 2 – Storage
This module addresses the different types of storage that are compatible with Commvault, including disk, cloud, and tape, and deduplication best practices to maximize your capacity.
Module 3 – Security
This module addresses user management including adding and deleting users, security settings for users and groups (roles), security associations, and network settings.
Module 4 – Servers and Features
This module addresses the concepts of servers and server groups, agent deployment, file and network storage protection, and virtual machine protection.
Module 5 – Data Management
This module addresses plan configuration, backup strategies, data protection options, data recovery, and operational management.
Module 6 – Monitoring
This module addresses the views, alerts, and reports that are available for monitoring and maintaining your Commvault environment.  
The Commvault Professional Foundations exam validates the skills required to configure and administer a CommCell environment using the Commvault Command Center and is aligned the Commvault Professional Foundations course.


Commvault Professional Advanced

Commvault Professional Foundations (EN)

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