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Cloud Computing Foundation

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Many businesses and enterprises have embarked on a transformation journey to become more efficient, innovative and competitive. This transformation journey is from traditional, on-premise IT to a more service-focused, agile, and elastic environment called the cloud. This course covers foundational topics related to the cloud, including the disruptive waves and opportunities in today’s economy, cloud definition and benefits, and the steps to plan and transform your enterprise into an on-demand infrastructure. Experienced HPE instructors also share expert opinion on cloud opportunities, as well as the technologies, solutions, and services provided by cloud models to help the journey.

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This course is intended for anyone who has a limited knowledge of cloud technologies and wants to learn more about cloud fundamentals, vendor-neutral technologies such as OpenStack®, and HPE cloud solutions.

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After completing this course, students will be able to:
• Describe the major trends in today’s economy that are changing business and IT, including what it takes to enable your enterprise for digital transformation
• Explain the problems with traditional IT infrastructures and introduce the benefits and advantages of cloud computing
• List and describe both pros and cons associated with cloud computing
• Define major terms and concepts used with the cloud
• Define and position the functional cloud reference architecture
• Introduce OpenStack® technology
• Explain how to develop a successful cloud strategy
• Describe the HPE approach to cloud computing

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Cloud Computing Foundation

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6.12.2021  Online


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