Certified LeSS Practitioner with Craig Larman (EN)

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Craig Craig Larman is the co-creator of LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum), with his friend and colleague Bas Vodde.

He works as an

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Organizational design of large-scale agile product organization with the co-author of the LeSS framework.

We bring you this course in collaboration with ScrumDōjō.

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You will learn:

  • Simplifying organizations using Systems Thinking

  • Collaboration of many teams in a Sprint

  • Role of management in LeSS

  • Own vs rent

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This class is not about a "scaling framework". It is primarily focused on first principles of designing and simplifying large-scale agile organizations. Must-attend for:

  • Senior managers and executives

  • Engineering managers and directors, CTOs

  • Product managers, Product Owners, CPOs

  • Scrum Masters, agile coaches and agile transformation consultants

  • Anyone who wants to understand why product development on large-scale is such a pain

Obsah kurzu

LeSS Overview

  • descaling and simplifying over scaling: more with LeSS

  • LeSS principles, frameworks, guides, experiments

  • two LeSS frameworks: basic & LeSS Huge

Systems Thinking & Organizational Design

  • local versus global systems optimization

  • local optimization in backlogs

  • local optimization in product definition

  • local optimization in planning

  • local optimization in in analysis & design

  • local optimization in programming

Product Definition

  • redefining the scope of product, and the impact on global optimization

  • portfolio management

LeSS Huge Framework

  • Requirement Areas

  • Area Product Owners

  • role of Product Owner

  • Area Backlogs

  • adoption

LeSS Sprint

  • preparation before first Sprint

  • scaling Sprint Planning to PBR to Retrospectives with many teams

  • coordination & integration: from communities to architecture

  • multi-site development


  • pre-adoption: building interest

  • owning vs renting change ideas

  • the adoption guides

  • 3 principles

  • getting started

  • Parallel Organization

Why LeSS?

  • simplicity

  • systems optimization

  • adapting to learn

Studijní materiály

Materials are in electronic form.

Certified LeSS Practitioner with Craig Larman (EN)

Vybraný termín:

15.5.2023 –  17.5.2023  Praha

49 000 Kč + 21% DPH

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