Building Database Driven Applications with JPA, Java EE 6


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Persistence is the technique through which object models broker the access and manipulation of information from a relational database. JPA handles the details of how relational data is mapped to Java objects, and it standardizes Object/Relational mapping. JPA was introduced in Java EE 5, and provided a POJO-based persistence model for Java EE and Java SE applications. JPA has been enhanced in Java EE 6. The Java Persistence API (JPA) version 2.0 specification facilitates more effective and reliable (that is, more strongly typed) methodology for building object-centric criteria-based dynamic database queries.he Building Database-Driven Applications with Java Persistence API course examines the ins-and-outs of building database applications using the standard Java object-relational-mapping technology, Java Persistence API. This course covers both new features found in the Java Persistence API 2.0, as well as the features found in Java Persistence API 1.0.PIn this course you will learn the key concepts found in the Java Persistence API, learn how to create robust entity models, create static and dynamic queries using Java Persistence API Query Language, and learn how to create type-safe queries with the Java Persistence API Criteria API. In addition, the course covers using the Java Persistence API within a stand-alone Java Standard Edition application, as well as within the context of a web-based Java Enterprise Edition application, including using Java Persistence API with the Enterprise JavaBeans technology.tudents who can benefit from this course are:ava Developers building components that take advantage of Java Persistence API technology or are migrating from the structured development of traditional JDBC-driven database access.ava Developers interested in preparing for the Sun Certified Java Persistence Developer examination.earn To:liImplement business-tier functionality using Java Persistence API technologyescribe best practices and other advanced issues in business component development with Java Persistence API technology ssemble and deploy Java Persistence API technology business-tier components on an application server, as well as in stand-alone applicationsreate and use Query objects using the Java Persistence Query Languageimg src="" border="0"

Building Database Driven Applications with JPA, Java EE 6

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