Basic Course Using GIT and Jenkins (EN)

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Learn the theoretical and practical basics that relate to source code editing and continuous integration - development.

Do you automate tests and do you come into contact with source code editing and continuous integration? If you want to technically specialize in Continuous Integration (CI) tools within creation of automated tests, this course is for you.
The main goal is to familiarize participants with source code editing and development of tests for a CI environment.


  • Source code editing
  • Theory and practical exercises
  • Continuous integration - development


We will perform exercises on local Jenkins installations on each participant’s PC. For GIT exercises we will use private repositories on GITHUB. We will present to you the theory but above all we’ll focus on practical exercises. You will get to experience various scenarios that can be found on projects.


  • A laptop
  • Installed GIT bash and Jenkins
  • Registered account on GITHUB

Basic Course Using GIT and Jenkins (EN)

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7 500 Kč + 21% DPH

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