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IT lektor a konzultant, RHCA. Vede tým zaměřený na vývoj i provoz webových a mobilních aplikací.

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Popis kurzu

ArgoCD is a kubernetes controller that continuously monitors running applications and compares the current, live state with the desired target state.

Today, ArgoCD is one of the world's most popular open-source GitOps tools, which automates the deployment of applications in Kubernetes or OpenShift environments.

GitOps is a natural extension of Infrastructure-as-Code and Continuous Delivery principles with a focus on using Git as the single source of truth. Changes to infrastructure and applications are made declaratively through versioned changes in Git, an automated process that ensures the actual state of your system is an image of the declared state stored in Git.

Cíle kurzu

  • You will understand the basics of ArgoCD.

  • Find out what it is and when to use it.

  • You will get a practical understanding of the service.

  • You will understand its advantages and disadvantages.

Určeno pro

  • IT architects

  • developer team leaders

  • to people managing kubernetes and openshift

  • for devops

  • system engineers

  • IT managers

  • head of the IT department

Obsah kurzu

  1. Introduction to ArgoCD

    • What is ArgoCD

    • Why use ArgoCD

    • ArgoCD architecture

    • ArgoCD installation and configuration

    • Exercise: Installing the ArgoCD server using the manifest

  2. Application in ArgoCD

    • Creating and managing applications in ArgoCD using the WEB GUI

    • Creating and managing applications in ArgoCD using the CLI

    • Declarative application configuration in YAML

    • Synchronization of application state with Git repository

    • Exercise: Creating a declarative configuration for an application in ArgoCD and managing it

    • Application status monitoring

    • Create an alert for Slack/MS Teams

  3. Working with GitOps

    • The concept of GitOps and its benefits

    • Configuration management in Git repository

    • Using ArgoCD with different Git repositories

    • Managing configuration changes in a Git repository

  4. Advanced features of ArgoCD

    • Access control and user authentication

    • Use of external plugins and hooks

    • Integration with other CI/CD tools

    • Setting up and using the API

  5. Troubleshooting and maintenance

    • Solving common errors in ArgoCD

    • ArgoCD backup and restore

    • Upgrade of ArgoCD and its components

    • Security aspects of ArgoCD

  6. Working with secrets within the ArgoCD and Argo Vault plugin.

    • AVP installation and configuration

    • How to set up K/V secrets in Vault

    • Using secrets from Vault in Helm chart and ArgoCD

    • PWhy use Vault?

  7. Argo Rollouts

  8. Argo Image update

  9. Argo Workflows


To get the most out of this course, you should already understand GitOps and Kubernetes.

ArgoCD (EN)

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