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200-101 Radware LinkProof Level 1

Základní info

This course covers the LinkProof® product line and end-to-end multihoming. It also includes an introduction to application security and bandwidth management for connectivity solutions. During this course, you'll learn to enable uninterrupted and cost-effective communications from your central headquarters to your remote branch offices. You'll also discover ways to ensure full link availability, security and optimized utilization for all connections, using Radware products.
  • Introduction to Radware
  • Introduction to Radware
  • LinkProof Introduction
  • LinkProof Labs
  • Initial Configuration and global settings
  • Adding NHRs
  • Managing NHRs and Health Monitoring
  • Flow-Management
  • Inbound Traffic Management
  • Redundancy
  • One IP configuration
  • Device Management
Familiarity with common network terminology, TCP/IP addressing & routing, and Internetworking concepts is required. Delegates should also be proficient in basic PC operation and application, including skilled at operating a keyboard, mouse and Windows OS as well as basic Web browser operation (Internet Explorer used in class).

200-101 Radware LinkProof Level 1

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29.4.2020 –  30.4.2020  Jihomoravský kraj

1513 Euro + 21 % DPH

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