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Martin Krček

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Google Developer Expert pro Google Voice Assistant, 20 let zkušeností s marketingem, obchodem, strategií a SW řešením (chatBot aj.).

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When you start a business, you need marketing. Unfortunately, the budget is almost zero and advertising agencies do not want to waste time with you. In the course we will teach you how to bring the first hundreds of visitors to your website, e-shop or to your store. You will learn the basics of online marketing and promotion on social networks. You will try to run the first online campaigns on Google and Facebook.

This is a course for the module "Starting a business".

Určeno pro

The course is intended for beginning entrepreneurs or those who are just thinking about their own business and do not know where and how to start. Also suitable for beginning marketing specialists.

Obsah kurzu

  • Basics of online marketing

  • Promotion on social networks

  • Launch of an online campaign on Google, Facebook

Studijní materiály

The materials are in electronic form.

We start a business - Marketing (EN)

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10.9.2021  Online

2990 Kč + 21 % DPH

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