Understanding People: A Guide to the Enneagram (EN)

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This course focuses on exploring and understanding personality tendencies using the Enneagram - a system that describes 9 types of personality tendencies.

The course helps you better understand your own motivations and preferences and teaches you how to use this knowledge to improve communication and cooperation with others.


  • Understand the diversity of human behavior and recognize the 9 types of enneagram personality tendencies.
  • Gain a better awareness of your own motivations, preferences and habits and use this knowledge for personal development.
  • Identify and understand your own habits in communication, relationships and conflict resolution.
  • Apply knowledge of the Enneagram to practical situations such as communication, giving feedback, conflict resolution and team dynamics.
  • Carry out self-reflection and formulate an individual path of personal development.


The seminar is intended for everyone who works closely with others on a daily basis - managers, human resources workers, consultants, traders, etc.


  • Self-awareness - instincts, habits, limits, potential.
  • Understanding the influence of one's own inner motives on daily behavior.
  • Recognizing and understanding one's own habits in communication, relationships and conflict resolution.
  • Getting to know the Enneagram as a tool for describing the 9 personality types.
  • Practical applications of understanding these 9 types to communication, feedback, conflict resolution, and team dynamics.
  • Self-reflection and formulation of the path of personal development.

Understanding People: A Guide to the Enneagram (EN)

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