Starting a business - Create a business plan (EN)

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Follow-up course to "Starting a business - How to start a business in 30 days". In the course, we will focus on improving your business plans. 

We will show the "Lean Canvas" model, where you will answer all questions (who are the customers, how and what you will contact them, what will be the costs and revenues, what will be your advantages over others, ...). that will tell you if it makes sense to continue or rather start thinking about another idea.


The course is intended for beginning entrepreneurs or those who are just thinking about their own business and do not know where and how to start.


  • Creating and editing a business plan
  • Lean Canvas model (who, how and what, costs and revenues, advantages over the competition)
  • Evaluation

Study Materials

The materials are in electronic form.


Starting a business - Action plan and budget, We start a business - Marketing

Starting a business - Create a business plan (EN)

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5.9.2024  ONLINE

2 990 Kč + 21% DPH

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