Master the art of feedback and effective communication (EN)

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Communication is a key element in any professional role. Whether you are trying to improve your listening, argumentation or conversational skills, this seminar will provide you with concrete directions for further development. You will make real progress in communicating and providing feedback.


  • Understanding one's own communication style and identifying its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Mastering the process of providing quality feedback and understanding individual biases in listening and communication limits.
  • Improving communication skills and strengthening the ability to perceive and listen, which will lead to better understanding of yourself and others.
  • Gaining practical experience in conveying information in a sensitive way and with regard to the perception of others.
  • Eliminating errors and shortcomings in communication with people and increasing the success of the entire team.


This course is intended for managers, team and company leaders, HR specialists/managers, salespeople, consultants and all those who regularly meet with clients.


  • Understanding different communication styles
  • Understanding your own communication style
  • Mastering the feedback process
  • Improving skills in providing quality feedback
  • Identification of own tendencies when providing feedback
  • Understanding individual biases in listening and communication limits
  • Practical experimentation with different approaches to people in communication and providing feedback
  • Learning to anticipate conflicts and reduce stress
  • Mastering specific steps to improve your own communication style

Master the art of feedback and effective communication (EN)

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11 500 Kč + 21% DPH

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