HR Talks, biweekly, in English, Online (Spaces asap)

Kurzem vás provede Ing. Dagmar Matějková

Pomáhám společnostem zvýšit jejich hodnotu, prostřednictvím zaměstnanců. Toto přináší vyšší efektivitu, zlepšení kvality služeb nebo výrobků. Pokud…

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NEW biweekly HR TALKS in English in co-operation with SPACES

We are starting on 16. 4. 2020, 10-11 am

Where: On-line until we are back in Spaces (Albatros)

Language: English

Presenter: Ing. Dagmar Matějková Chudárková (LI Profil Dagmar)

I have been „almost“ 20 Years in the HR field (Global, International & Local). More information about me on or LI Profile.

For selected topics I will invite interesting speakers.

What will be discussed?

16.4.2020 – HR in a nutshell – what is part of HR Department and do I really need it?

30.4.2020 – Establishing of HR Dep. – External/Internal, Outsourcing, Combination – Pro/Cons, how much it could cost

14.5.2020 – HR budget, what are personal cost, how to plan, analyse and optimise

28.5.2020 – HR Processes, digitisation and automation

11.6.2020 – Company culture

25.6.2020 – Talent Acquisition (In-house/External help)

9.7.2020 - Remuneration incl. Bonuses (Monthly, Q, Annual)

23.7.2020 – Benefits

6.8.2020 – HR Outsourcing

20.8.2020 – Talent Management incl. Succession planning

3.9.2020 – Background checking

17.9.2020 – HR Systems a Apps – why and how to select

Spaces and I, we are looking forward seeing you soon!!! Free of charge. humanresources hrinterim dagmarmatejkova hrinterimcz spaces regus ibbpraha ibbprague

HR Talks, biweekly, in English, Online (Spaces asap)

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20.8.2020  Online

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