Emotional intelligence: key to professional success (EN)

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This workshop is designed to provide participants with the tools to improve emotional intelligence, which is the foundation for achieving professional and personal success. It will offer methods for identifying, understanding and regulating emotions, more effective interpersonal communication and creating robust relationships.


  • Strengthening emotional intelligence and social skills
  • Improving self-control and self-motivation
  • Developing empathy
  • Creating long-term sustainable and mutually respectful relationships


This course is designed for those who wish to improve their ability to understand and regulate their emotions, develop their social skills and strengthen relationships in the work environment.


  • The development of self-awareness and its importance in the context of the work environment
  • Methods for strengthening self-reflection
  • Self-control and manipulation of one's emotions
  • Strategies for actively dealing with an emotional outburst
  • Principles of motivation and their influence on success
  • Developing empathy and its effect on work efficiency
  • Creating and maintaining effective interpersonal relationships
  • Practical tasks for developing independence and responsibility

Emotional intelligence: key to professional success (EN)

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