Building strong and motivated teams (EN)

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Team leadership and team dynamics

This course focuses on building strong and synergistic teams through effective team leadership. Participants will learn to use the typology of personalities, their experiences and the diversity of individual team members to create a broader scope and significantly higher growth potential. The course will provide strategies for setting individuals and the entire team right, and show how to create team chemistry and synergy that will positively impact business results.


  • Gain a new point of view on the effective building of corporate teams with regard to personality typology, seniority and diversity of members.
  • Create a wider awareness of the team and increase the likelihood of growth and development of individual members.
  • To identify weak points in the team and to get a better idea of the selection of new employees for appropriate additions to the team.
  • Strengthen team chemistry and create an environment where all team members are intrinsically motivated and work is fun for them.
  • Improve team business results through better team dynamics and synergistic interactions.


Managers of teams of 5 or more members, future managers, CEOs, business directors


The importance of team chemistry and the benefits to the company:
  • The importance of a good team environment for achieving business results
  • Preventing employee turnover and maintaining team motivation
Correct setting of individuals and teams:
  • Identification of key factors for the successful functioning of individuals and teams
  • Creating a supportive environment for the development and growth of team members
Typology of personalities:
  • Overview and understanding of different types of personalities in the team
  • Benefits and use of personality diversity to improve team dynamics
Team synergy and its effect on business results:
  • Principles of team synergy and cooperation
  • Enhancing team productivity and performance through synergistic interactions

Building strong and motivated teams (EN)

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11 500 Kč + 21% DPH

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