Open your way out of crisis (EN)

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Psychologist, lecturer, author and coach. 

She leads comprehensive personal development courses, coaches, provides counseling in the…

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Olga is a coach and coach in the field of soft skills. Her trainings are based on training using role-playing games and a camera, she uses a coaching…

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Popis kurzu

The crisis contains a huge dynamic charge with great potential for change. It involves a great danger and also a great opportunity. You never know what's new in life.

People experience the biggest shifts in their lives thanks to life trials. The main purpose of the course is to strengthen your mental resilience.

Cíle kurzu

In the course you will learn how to:

  • cope with difficult life situations and crises,

  • build mental resilience,

  • control emotions (anger, fear, anxiety, helplessness, feelings of guilt, boredom ...),

  • mitigate the impact of catastrophic scenarios,

  • in a difficult situation to find new ideas and solutions to situations,

  • to make decisions under stress,

  • find internal resources and strengthen,

  • how to meditate, relax, perform psychohygiene and increase your life energy. 

Obsah kurzu

  • Map your situation - the phase of difficult situations

  • Map your resources - what you can rely on

  • Personality characteristics of mentally resilient people

  • Techniques for coping with catastrophic scenarios - redirection of the mind

  • Finding new ideas and solutions - "Journaling" technique

  • Practical techniques of working with emotions

  • Pitfalls and decision-making techniques

  • Meditation and relaxation - techniques and practical tips

Studijní materiály

The  course includes training materials with tests, practical worksheets, tasks, exercises, summaries. 

 All participants will get a certificate of attendence.

Open your way out of crisis (EN)

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4 900 Kč + 21% DPH

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