International Fixed Income and Derivatives Certificate Programme (IFID)


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The first certificate to meet the U.K. Financial Services Skills Council’s new Securities and Derivatives exam standard that also meets the FSSC’s strand 3 appropriate exam standards for Securities and Derivatives.

For some 30 years, ICMA’s education programmes have set the international standard of competence in the professional fixed income markets. The ICMA Centre - The Business School for Financial Markets - based at The University of Reading provides the academic oversight for the IFID Certificate’s examination standard.

In January 2004 ICMA’s prestigious General Certificate Programme was updated, expanded and renamed the International Fixed Income and Derivatives (IFID) Certificate Programme. The IFID is available via distance learning, in addition, twice a year, one week residential seminars take place to provide a comprehensive review of the material for persons who want face-to-face tuition in addition to self-study. Candidates can choose to sit the exam at the end of these residential seminars or defer and take the exam at a Prometric testing centre at a later date.

Course overview
Established for over 30 years as THE qualification for the fixed income market, the IFID Programme puts emphasis on developing
practical skills for trading, investment and risk management. This is a demanding, examined course aimed at developing a broad and
in-depth knowledge of the key fixed income instruments, derivatives and markets.

The syllabus contains five topic sections:
- Fixed income analysis
- Rates trading and hedging
- Structured securities
- Credit analysis and products
- Portfolio & risk management.

Target Audience
The program is primarily intended for client or market facing positions in fixed income within a bank or fund manager although is becoming
increasingly popular with middle-office managers who require greater product and market knowledge.

Course format

Offered in two formats:
- in a 1-week on-site residential course twice a year, in April and November
- in a distance learning format

BOTH formats entitle registered candidates to access the On-line Campus for course preparation.

Candidates will be awarded the ICMA IFID Certificate upon successful completion of the IFID examination, which is jointly granted by
ICMA and the University of Reading.

The IFID is a proven, internationally recognised, standard of competence that can be embedded into employers’ appraisal requirements to ensure
that staff are fully up-to-date with technical developments in the fixed income markets.

The availability of the course in two versions – residential and by distance learning – offers the utmost flexibility.

Benefits of the residential version:
Face-to-face tuition – highly qualified professionals from the ICMA Centre at the University of Reading and from leading financial institutions coach students through the material and answer questions on the spot. Note that the residential seminar is intended to complete a full period of self-study of the course material.

Networking with peer group – establishing lifelong
friendships and contact for the future as well as the unique opportunity to work in study groups with fellow professionals from other institutions,
thus enhancing the learning experience.

Benefits of the distance learning version:
Total flexibility – students work through the programme in their own time (subject to a six month exam deadline), pace and location; no
need to take time off work or away from home. Ongoing support – expert e-tutors at the IFID Online Campus are available on demand to answer questions and to give practical guidance

Detailed Programme

The IFID Certificate is a professional qualification
that places strong emphasis on practical skills
based on a thorough understanding of valuation
principles and the relationships between the
cash and the derivatives markets.

Day 1
Fixed income analysis Time value of money (TVM) concepts
Money market instruments Bond pricing and yield Spot and forward yields
Interest rate risk

Day 2
Rates trading and hedging Securities financing
Yield curve dynamics Outright and spread trading

Day 3
Rates trading and hedging
Structured securities
Callable / putable bonds
Convertible bonds
OTC structures

Day 4
Credit analysis and products
Credit analysis
Asset-backed securities
Credit derivatives

Day 5
Portfolio and risk management
Portfolio construction
Risk management

Day 6

International Fixed Income and Derivatives Certificate Programme (IFID)

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For ICMA members: Residential course: £3,250.00 Distance learning: £1,000.00 For non-ICMA members: Residential course: £4,225.00 Distance learning: £1,300.00

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