Business Analysis Advanced (EN)

Petr Špatenka

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The course enhances the „Business Analysis“ course topics in specific areas, e.g. feasibility studies or Agile Business Analysis.
As with the “Business Analysis” course, this course is based on the IIBA® (BABOK®) standard. In addition it introduces complementary approaches, primarily from the Agile Alliance and the Association of Change Management Professional®.

A set of interlinked exercises (case study) is used to practice selected business analysis techniques and approaches.
This training is primarily aimed at experienced business analysts. 


  • Learn key steps and tools supporting evaluation of “meaningful“ changes in the corporate environment and assessment of solution options
  • Get introduced to Agile Business Analysis
  • Be aware of “As-Is – To-Be” transition risks and assess their mitigation approaches
  • Assess how the presented approaches and specific techniques of business analysis can be applied in the environment of one's own company
  • Practice the subject matter on a set of exercises (case study)


Everybody whose current or planned role is focused on the content aspect of the change, especially within a complex understanding of process, organizational and IT changes, as well as their various solution delivery options.
The focus is mainly on the roles: Business Analyst, Process Manager/Owner, Management Consultant, Project/Program Manager, Change Manager, and Product Owner.


  • Change Decision Making: Feasibility studies
  • Risk Assessment
  • Cost-benefit Analysis
  • Agile Business Analysis 
  • Integration:  Business Analysis and Change Management


Before the participation in this course it is recommended to attend the „Business Analysis“ course or a comparable course based on the BABOK® V3 standard. 

Business Analysis Advanced (EN)

Vybraný termín:

14.10.2024 –  16.10.2024  ONLINE

24 500 Kč + 21% DPH

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