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Leadership I.

Základní info

At this course, we will teach you how to use individual leadership styles in practice. You will learn how to increase self-confidence in the position of a leader, review current procedures and inefficient work routines. The course includes practical exercises of different ways of leadership. The course is intended for future team leaders or existing managers who would like to improve this skill. Course graduates are able to systematically improve the business environment in their company, motivate their colleagues, maximize their strengths, prepare them for dealing with stress situations and be a natural authority, a person of trust, influence and responsibility.
  • Definition of leadership
  • Definition of leadership
  • Self-awareness as a source of power for a strong and effective leadership
  • Leadership styles to reach goals in different situations
  • Vision, goals and value sharing
  • Challenging situations that form the leader
  • Allowing others to act
  • Model situations, contextual connetion of different leadership styles, and personal styles of leadership

Leadership I.

Vybraný termín:

21.1.2021 –  22.1.2021  Praha

10200 Kč + 21 % DPH

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