Oracle9i Database: Implement Partitioning

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This course covers in depth the management of table and index partitioning in the Oracle RDBMS. This includes purpose, administration and syntax of commands. Design and performance issues are mentioned. This course is an immediate prerequisite to the course D13289GC10 Oracle9i: Data Warehouse Administration. These two courses can be taken in the same week.

While this course is complete and is targeted at a larger audience, some detail of partitioning performance is deferred to the Data Warehouse course.

Database Administrators

Cíle kurzu
Choose appropriate partition attributes (keys, storage, types) for various application requirements
Create tables and indexes that are partitioned
Verify and modify the table and index partitioning and attributes thereof
Understand partitioning options with other database features

Témata kurzu

Understanding the Partitioning Design
The Management and Performance Benefits (Partition Elimination)
Tablespace, Segment, Table, and Partition Relation
Range, Hash, and List Partitions

Partitioning of Tables
Commands and Syntax
Viewing Partition Information

Partitioning of Indexes
Relation to Table Partitioning
Commands and Syntax

Modifying Partitions and Partition Attributes
Merge, Split, Exchange, and Move

Application and Use of Partitions
Export, Import and SQL*Loader
Parallel Query and DML

Oracle9i Database: Implement Partitioning

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