Oracle Database 10g: Data Guard Administration

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In this course, students learn how to use Oracle Data Guard to help protect their Oracle Database against planned and unplanned downtimes. Data Guard architecture is discussed, as well as the creation of physical and logical standby databases. In addition, the course examines the performance implications of using various Data Guard features and offers some troubleshooting tips. Students use Enterprise Manager Grid Control to create and manage their Data Guard configuration in the classroom. The course includes a workshop where students have the opportunity to apply what they have learned to meet stated business requirements.

Prepare the primary database for a Data Guard Configuration
Monitor a Standby configuration
Create a Physical Standby database
Create a Logical Standby database

Database Administrators
Support Engineer
Technical Consultant

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Configure Primary Database
Create physical Standby
Create logical standby
Manage Data Guard configuration with Enterprise Manager Grid Control
Use Data Guard with Real Application Clusters

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Oracle Data Guard: Overview
Factors affecting planned and unplanned down time
Components of Oracle Data Guard
Differences between physical and logical standby databases
Benefits of creating a Data Guard environment
Use of Data Guard in high availability architecture

Understanding the Oracle Data Guard Architecture
Data Guard architecture
Operational requirements of Data Guard
Data Guard processes, transports, and redo log apply
Standby database mode

Data Guard Broker and Enterprise Manager
Data Guard broker architecture
Data Guard broker components
benefits of the Data Guard broker
Data Guard broker configurations
Enterprise Manager to manage your Data Guard configuration
DGMGRL to manage your Data Guard configuration

Creating a Configuration with Enterprise Manager
create a broker configuration
monitor the broker configuration

Creating a Physical Standby Database by Using SQL
SQL commands to create a physical standby database

Data Protection Modes and Log Transport Services
Data protection modes
Changing the data protection mode of your configuration
Modify log transport services

Data Guard SQL Apply Architecture
Advantages of SQL Apply
When to use a logical standby database
Creating a logical standby database by using Enterprise Manager

Creating a Logical Standby Database by Using SQL
Use SQL commands to create a logical standby database

Switchover and Failover
Database roles
Flashback Database after a failover

Using Data Guard with RAC
Data Guard in a Real Application Clusters environment
Assign threads to standby redo logs
Switchovers and failovers with RAC

Other Considerations for Oracle Data Guard
Back up the primary database with a physical standby database
Back up a logical standby database
Flashback Database features in a Data Guard configuration
Encrypt redo information
Cascaded redo log destinations

Oracle Database 10g: Data Guard Administration

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