Oracle 10g: XML Fundamentals

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This class is applicable to Oracle9i and Oracle Database 10g users.
This course introduces students to the basics of XML. The students learn how to create an XML document and format it using XML Stylesheet Language for transformations (XSL). The students validate XML documents using Document Type Definition (DTD) and XML Schema. The course discusses XPath expressions and how to use XPath expressions in XSL to select parts of an XML document to be transformed. XML Namespaces are used to apply uniqueness to elements, and parsing XML documents is done using Document Object Model (DOM). The Simple API for XML (SAX) is also discussed as a technique to parse XML documents. In addition, the students are introduced to the support for XML offered in various Oracle products, such as, the Oracle Database, Oracle XML DB, Oracle XML Developer's Kit, Oracle JDeveloper, and Oracle XSQL pages. The students learn how to format, query, validate, and store their XML documents using Oracle products.

J2EE Developer
PL/SQL Developer
Technical Consultant

Cíle kurzu
Identify and use basic XML technologies, terms and components
Create a well formed XML document
Validate XML documents using a Document Type Definition and an XML Schema
Specify XPath expressions to transform selected parts of an XML document
Transform XML documents using XSLT
Store and Retrieve XML in an Oracle 10g Database
Generate XML using Oracle XSQL pages and Oracle SQL/XML functions
Create XML views

Témata kurzu

Discuss the Goals of the Course
Describe the Course Environment and Data
Describe an XML document
Edit an XML Document
View an XML Document in a Browser
Explain the XML Standards covered in this course
List Oracle Product Support for XML

Introducing the XML Document
Describe the XML Document structure
List the components of an XML document
Create an XML document
Create well-formed XML documents
Checking XML Document Syntax

Validating XML with a Document Type Definition (DTD)
Describe and Read a DTD
Using an external and an internal DTD
Validating XML documents using a DTD

Using XML Namespaces
Describe the need for XML Namespaces
Describe the syntax for XML Namespaces
Apply XML Namespaces to elements and attributes

Validating XML using XML Schema
Create an XML Schema
Declare XML Schema data types
Validating XML documents with an XML Schema
Compare XML Schema with a DTD

Navigating XML Documents using XPath
Describe XPath
Use XPath expressions
Use XPath functions
Describe location path

Transforming XML using XSL Transformations (XSLT)
Describe XSL and XSL Transformations (XSLT)
Transform an XML document using XSLT
Use Common Elements of XSLT
Create XSLT Templates
Sort and Filter an XML Document
Describe Recursion
Using Simple XSL Formatting Objects (XSL:FO)

XSQL Pages Publishing Framework
Describe the Oracle XSQL Pages Framework
Create XSQL Pages
Use XSQL Pages

Advanced XSQL Pages
Using Cursors in XSQL Pages
Employ XSQL pages for session variable
Employ XSQL pages for cookies
Performing DML operations using XSQL Pages
Inserting data from an XML Document

Introducing Oracle 10g XML Database (XML DB)
Describe Oracle XML DB
Describe XMLType
Describe XML Schema support
Describe XML Repository
Describe Internet Protocol support
Describe Versioning

Generating XML from an Oracle 10g Database
Describe SQL/XML (SQLX)
Using SQL/XML Functions in SQL
Generating XML using Native Oracle SQL Functions

Managing XML Data in an Oracle10g Database
Describe XMLType
Create objects of XMLType
Describe storage options
Load data into XMLType
Retrieve data from XMLType columns
Using XMLType methods
Using XPath functions on XMLType data

Creating XMLType Views
Creating Non-Schema-Based XMLType views
Creating XML Schema-Based XMLType views
Creating XMLType Views from XMLType Tables
Performing DML on XMLType Views

Executing SQL operations on XML
Transform XML using SQL
Perform DML on XML
Using UpdateXML() Function
Deleting Using the existNode() Function
Creating Indexes on XMLType columns

Accessing XML through URLs
Using the DBUri Servlet to obtain database data in XML format
Using the DBUri Servlet to obtain a row or column of data in XML format

Oracle 10g: XML Fundamentals

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