Operations Management - in English (kurz v angličtině) - MBA professor

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Operations Management

Course Objectives:

Operations management is one of the central functions of all organisations whether producing goods or services, or in the private, public or voluntary sectors. This course will provide you with a frameworks for understanding this function and discus the role of operations managers, in particular the importance of focusing on suppliers and customers.

You´ll learn to:
•    Appreciate the strategic role of processes in delivering value to customers through    
        services, administrative (office) work, customer service, manufacturing, and distribution
•    Possess a systematic perspective on the links among strategic goals, market segment
        choice, and operating system design.
•    Build on ideas from the accounting module to understand process metrics for use in a
        variety of settings.
•    Apply visual tools for mapping and documenting processes, and for diagnosing problems
        in a range of process types.
•    Apply lean concepts to modify process flow, layout, feedback, metrics, workload balance,
        customer interface, and other attributes.
•    Anticipate the challenges organizations face when initiating and executing process
        improvement initiatives.

Topics Covered:

•    Operations strategy and value disciplines: emphasis on congruity.
•    Lean enterprise principles and practices.
•    Value Stream Mapping (administrative office process example).
•    Removing unwanted variance (quality perspective).
•    Process measurement: throughput time, output interval, balance, in-process
        accumulations (people or materials), yield rates).
•    Process design: concepts and methods.
•    Business process benchmarking.
•    Process improvement: implementing change.
•    Big picture matters: supply chain management and outsourcing.
•    Special applications for clients process improvements (to be arranged if this is of

Target Group: Team leaders; first line supervisors, cell leaders & team members aspiring to these roles

Duration: 3 days

Faculty: professor from prestigeous US EMBA program

Operations Management - in English (kurz v angličtině) - MBA professor

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