Managing your Emotions Part I

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Being able to control your emotions account for 85% of what sets outstanding managers apart from the average. (Daniel Coleman, Working with emotional intelligence, 1998)

Are your emotions an asset or a liability?

" What is emotion?"
An emotion is a subjective reaction triggered by an event or the memory of an event, characterised by physical sensations and fed by mental representations.
" The emotional process"
Emotions are a call for action: Are you in control of our emotions or do they control you?
" Function of emotions"
Each emotion is an information about the meaning we give to a situation: Are you aware of your emotions and how they affect your communication?

" How can you assess your emotions?"
The four basic emotions are: Joy, Sadness, Anger and Fear. Which one do you feel more often?
" How can you use your emotions?"
How does reacting to a situation with Joy, Sadness, Anger or Fear help you to act or to react, to orient your action?
" How can you manage your emotions?"
Managing your emotions effectively involves controlling those unproductive behaviours that aren't getting you anywhere.
" How can you access your emotions to get motivated?"
Emotion comes from the Latin to move. As human beings we are goal-orientated, and being self-motivated means pursuing our goals with commitment, passion, energy and persistence.
How can your emotions support your goals and your motivation to reach them?

Managing your Emotions Part I

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