IT for Competitive Advantage

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Training Overview: Successful use of information systems within a business enterprise is often an elusive goal. However, an understanding and appreciation for the use of information technology to manage an enterprise is very important. The competitive role of information systems, which contributes to overall success of the business through an effective integration of business strategies, information technology, and people - is a major focus on today’s business environment. This module explores how information systems impact organizations and conversely, how organizations can take control of information technology to gain a competitive edge. It further examines how managers can strategically use information technology to capture and deliver knowledge more efficiently and to rapidly create a competitive advantage.



  • Discuss the role of information systems as they relate to competitive advantage.
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation for the increasing importance of IT to obtain organizational efficiencies, broaden individual effectiveness and/or gain competitive advantage.
  • Understand the concepts that underlie the management of technology in dynamically evolving firms.
  • Develop a capability the think strategically about a company, its business position, how it can gain sustainable competitive advantage, and how its strategy can be implemented and executed successfully.



  • Conducting strategic analysis.
  • Enhancing understanding of the competitive challenges of a global market environment.
  • Strategies for managing information technology.
  • IT for decision support, competitive analysis, governance, privacy, etc…
  • Integrate information systems into the business plan.
  • The importance of inter-organizational systems.
  • Create competitive advantage through inter-organizational systems.
  • Create competitive advantage through strategic alliances.
  • Align information systems with your business strategies.
  • Analyze the communication, information and decision support system requirements of your company and develop a plan to improve business performance.


Training Methodology: 50% Theory, 50% Practical

This will be an interactive session, drawing from experience and prompting the participants to engage in discussions and analysis of case studies and the readings (provided by the trainer) as well as role-play activities carried out during the training.

IT for Competitive Advantage

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