Entrepreneurship & SME Management

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Training Overview:  This is a reading-intensive, participatory and experiential training which can significantly broaden your professional options. You will learn how to create a start-up company; how to attract and present to venture capitalists and learn the steps necessary to create a business plan with market research & financial projections. 


Pre work: Participants will be required to complete several readings before the start of training. Readings will be provided by UNYP.



  • Demonstrate an ability to create a new business.
  • Produce a business plan.
  • Critically appreciate the issues & challenges faced by entrepreneurs in a fast growth context.
  • From idea to products: the creative approach.
  • Trend identification.
  • Micro market identification.
  • Branding of new products.
  • Pricing strategies.
  • The product launch.
  • Financing the start-up: incubators; venture capital; IPO’s; etc…


Content: Day 1

  • The Path of the entrepreneur. 
  • Getting creative in business. 
  • Invent something….now! 
  • Innovation in products & services. 
  • Realistic criteria for judging new ventures. 
  • How to write a great business plan. 


 Content:  Day 2

  • Gathering resources: money & connections. 
  • Inspiring and leading talented people. 
  • Analyze the business strategies of several small firms. 
  • Case Study – Coral Divers Resort. 
  • How to promote your brilliant idea. 
  • Creation of mini business plans (depending on time availability).


  Training Methodology:  50% Theory, 50% Practical

This will be an interactive session, drawing from experience and prompting the participants to engage in discussions and analysis of case studies and the readings (provided by the trainer) as well as role-play activities carried out during the training.

Entrepreneurship & SME Management

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