Effective Presentation

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Intensive training designed for managers and team leaders who are aware of the fact that presentation is the easiest way to lead and influence people and thus want to perfect their art of presenting their ideas, decisions or opinions.

You shall experience the whole process of creating, designing and delivering different types of presentations, you will receive valuable feedback and learn tips and tricks to make your presentation more memorable, convincing and credible.


Do you want to become more convincing and confident speaker? Do you want to present without butterflies in your stomach? Do you want express yourself more clearly, shortly, efficiently? Then this training is designed exactly for you!

You will learn to

  • plan your presentations
  • create a positive first impression
  • work with different structures to achieve different goal
  • sustain pressure, negative reactions and difficult questions
  • build credibility in your presentations and communication
  • express yoursef shortly and clearly
  • receive and give feedback
  • manage stress and stage fright

The target group

Training is designed for managers and team leaders who want to perfect their presentation style.

Training Topics

  • Own prepared presentations
  • Rhetorical skills and voice and breathing excercises
  • How to manage unexpected situations
  • Reacting to objections and unpleasnat or offensive questions

After the training your presentation will be more convincing with higher impact. You will get feedback and benefit from concrete recommendations to improve your presentation skills.

You will acquire the sklil to control and master your voice and excercise speech techniques. You will improve your rhetoric skills. You will master the techniques to manage negative reaction from the audience. You will train and experience all above mentioned skills and situations.

Training form

Interactive training of model / real life situations, group games, case studies and video training as well as short lectures into the particular topic, discussions and group sharing and reflection.

The participants will bring their real presentation on the topic of their own choice, with which they will work throughout the training.

Effective Presentation

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