Cross Cultural Management Techniques

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Training Overview: In the global business environment, it is imperative to be able to communicate cross culturally and understand diverse perspectives. In this way, employee alignment with the organizational goals is achieved while at the same time individual differences are recognized and managed within a common organizational frame of mind. In this training, we will explore international management practices and how diversity is managed, in the context of multicultural and international affairs.



  • Understand the impact of culture on international management.
  • Identify the areas in which cultural differences create challenges in communication with persons of different cultures.
  • Explore employees’ cultural backgrounds and distinctive management assumptions and practices.
  • Become more self-aware of cultural conditioning, individual biases, assumptions and the dangers of ‘group think’ within the business environment.
  • Understand the management implications cultural differences have on your employees’ interactions with people who are different from them.



  • Introduction to culture and cross-cultural management (introduction).
  • Cultural dimensions and dilemmas.
  • Cultures and styles of management.
  • Cultures and leadership.
  • Culture and strategy.
  • Culture and change management.
  • Cultural diversity in organizations.
  • Culture and effective communication.
  • Culture and negotiations.
  • Working with international teams.
  • Managing conflict in an international context.
  • Summary of main points (conclusion).


Training Methodology: 50% Theory, 50% Practical

This will be an interactive session, drawing from experience and prompting the participants to engage in discussions and analysis of case studies and the readings (provided by the trainer) as well as role-play activities carried out during the training.

Cross Cultural Management Techniques

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