Cross Cultural Communication - in English (kurz v angličtině) - MBA professor

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Cross Cultural Communication


Course objectives:

The purpose of this workshop is to help your executive at various level of the organization to improve their abilities to manage and lead in a diverse multicultural environment.  It will also provide skills that will help them make better cross-cultural decisions, and improve their negotiation/leadership skills at various levels during new organizational changes.  We will achieve these goals by providing an in-depth examination of cross-cultural issues and their managerial implications.  
The workshop will help participants to increase their knowledge, mindfulness and behavioral skills in multicultural settings.  

You´ll learn to:

•    Understand theories of culture, communication and cross-cultural communication
        interactions and how these impact business relationships;
•    Understand personal and cultural "baggage" that influences participants cognitive,
        affective, and multi-cultural behavioral processes;
•    Achieve cross-cultural communication and negotiation through the understanding and
        practice of increased appropriateness, flexibility, and adaptability;
•    Improve their skills working in multicultural teams.

Workshop Description

The workshop uses a dynamic and interactive format, it not only examines theories of communication, but also puts participants in experiential situations in which they develop valuable skills for multi cultural management. During the workshop we will be using cases, self-assessment questionnaire (Cultural Orientation Indicator), multicultural team exercises and simulations.  This workshop equips managers with the ability to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities in a multi-cultural world.

Target Group:

All managers working in international teams, companies or environments. Managers or lawyers leading negotiations.


Up to the depth covered; between 2-3 days

Faculty: professor from prestigeous US EMBA program

Cross Cultural Communication - in English (kurz v angličtině) - MBA professor

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