Advanced Negotiation Skills

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A two day training course focusing on advanced negotiation skills designed for individuals with an everyday active experience in practical negotiation scenarios. Negotiation techniques are practiced using a series of role-plays, including subsequent performance analysis and self-confidence building.

Training Target Group

Corporate managers, executives and all other top-level leaders needing to improve their negotiation skills so that they would be able to cope with complex transactional negotiations, including internal and external, high-stakes, multiparty, global and cross-cultural negotiating.

Benefits For You

  • Understanding of multiparty negotiations, including their dynamics and ways how to approach them.
  • Recognition of the impact of cross-cultural and global difficulties and be prepared to resolve them.
  • Preparing for complex scenarios which will allow you to defend your positions successfully when dealing with experienced negotiators.
  • Exploring ways how to change negotiation styles in order to achieve the best results.
  • Understanding conflict and how to deal with it by applying your negotiation skill set.

Return on Investment

We designed our methodology focusing on such negotiating elements where the optimal impact within a business context can be achieved. The training course was designed by business people for business people. The course is not based on an academic approach with few practical references, but rather on a holistic approach leveraging the latest research combined with business practical and global experience.

Advanced Negotiation Skills

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