Global Commercial Banking - in English (kurz v angličtině) - MBA professor

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Global Commercial Banking


Course Objectives:

The goal and overall purpose would be to familiarize the attendees with nature of bank activities conducted on a daily basis in their interaction with clients.

Key Learning Objective:  Focus would be on answering a key question facing all banks:
How does a bank achieve profitability, and yet keep risk at prudent, acceptable levels?

Topics Covered:

Risk Management in Banking
The focus would be on how banks identify and manage the following risks:
1.    Credit Risk
2.    Sovereign Risk
3.    Rate Risk
4.    Liquidity Risk
5.    Off Balance sheet Risk
6.    Control Risk
7.    Volatility / Market Risk
8.    Fiduciary and Agency Risk
9.    Operational Risk
10.    Reputation risk

Key Learning Objective:  Each of the ten risks would be defined, given a structure for their analysis, and provided guidelines for monitoring and controlling each risk.   
The topics would look at real world examples from both developed and developing markets.

You´ll learn to:

Analyze a bank’s financial statements
The focus would be on the nature of transactions undertaken by banks, and the design of sophisticated, structured products that meet customer needs.

Target Group:
Middle to senior executive ranks of a commercial bank


Can be customized for a client’s needs to either a 2 or 3 day format

Faculty: professor from prestigeous US EMBA program

Global Commercial Banking - in English (kurz v angličtině) - MBA professor

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