Finance for Non-Financials II. - in English (kurz v angličtině) - MBA professor

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Finance for Non-Financials II.

Course Objectives:

This module will provide advanced tools in finance and accounting and apply these tools to team projects developing marketing plans at the client company.

Topics Covered:

Building the Business Case: Development and Assessment of client’s Marketing Plans
• Development of the marketing plans
• Assessing future customer acquisition, pricing, costs
• Analyzing the future cash flows from the marketing plans

Building the Future
• Who are client’s competitors and how will they compete?
• How will the client respond with new products, new business processes, and….?

Client’s Cost of Capital
• Understanding client’s weighted average cost of capital (WACC) and its use in investment

Aligning Strategy and Business Unit Performance – Balanced Scorecard
• Using financial and non-financial metrics to evaluate and reward performance

Budgeting and Performance Evaluation
• Using budgets as a profit planning and control technique
• Assessing performance using variance analysis

You´ll learn to:

Link the key financial concepts to business strategy and business performance.

Target Group:

mid-upper level managers with business unit responsibility who must now think about how the business unit will acquire and deploy limited resources to create value for key stakeholders and must monitor, evaluate and reward performance towards the unit's strategic goals

Duration: 3 days

Faculty: professor from prestigeous US EMBA program

Finance for Non-Financials II. - in English (kurz v angličtině) - MBA professor

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