Finance for Global Managers - in English (kurz v angličtině) - MBA professor

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Finance for Global Managers

Course Objectives:

As a global manager you must understand how both the strategic and tactical decisions that you undertake can create or destroy value. You must be able to trace the impact of these decisions on the bottom line performance of your organization and the impact these same decisions have on the returns to the providers of capital. Finance for Global Managers is a “hands on” program for managers who will use financial concepts and tools to manage their businesses, provide value to their customers and create shareholder value.

This program covers the main elements of modern finance from a business unit or general management point of view.

•    Understand the difference between earnings and cash flows and assess CLIENT’s
     performance using financial ratios;
•    Benchmark CLIENT’s financial performance against industry peers and determine specific
     actions to improve future performance;
•    Evaluate a growing business’s future cash flow and net working capital requirements
     and plan financing policies appropriate to the needs of the business;
•    Understand how to determine product costs and evaluate customer profitability;
•    Evaluate investment opportunities using discounted cash flow techniques and real
•    Understand the determinants of a company’s cost of capital and its uses in capital
     investment decisions;
•    Identify, measure and manage financial risk, especially foreign exchange risk.
•    Understand when and how to use financial derivatives to manage risk and create
     shareholder value;
•    Develop a balanced scorecard to align a company’s strategy and performance through
     the use of non-financial and financial metrics to evaluate and reward performance

Topics Covered:

•    Financial statements – balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement
•    CLIENT’s financial statements
•    Working capital management
•    Capital investment analysis – NPV, IRR, payback
•    Risk, required returns and cost of capital
•    Activity-based costing
•    Balanced scorecard
•    Risk exposure (commodity, currency, interest rate) and risk management

You´ll learn to:

The program will provide you with the tools and the framework for effective financial management decisions. You will explore issues such as understanding financial statement information, deciding appropriate investments in working capital (receivables, inventory and accounts payable), managing financial risk exposure (including currency, interest rate, political and commodity risk), evaluating capital investment proposals, deciding how to finance both your domestic and global business, evaluating product costs and customer profitability, and establishing an effective balanced scorecard to align strategy and organizational performance.

Target Group: consultants; managers who will use financial concepts and tools to manage their businesses

Duration: 3 days

Faculty: professor from prestigeous US EMBA program

Finance for Global Managers - in English (kurz v angličtině) - MBA professor

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