Service Portal Fundamentals (EN)

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Attend Service Portal Fundamentals to learn how to create Service Portals that offer users an intuitive and delightful experience when accessing an organizations services online.

A Service Portal provides an alternative user experience to the standard platform interface. The Service Portal application offers the tools needed to configure, customize, and extend portal components to create an online experience similar to what your users are used to in other consumer products.

During this two day interactive training course you learn how to use the Service Portal application to configure, customize, and extend components to create a Service Portal in your own student instance; a safe sandbox.

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How to create well-designed Service Portals for your organization's online services.

Upon successful completion of this course, your next step is to enroll into the corresponding "micro-certification path" to complete the assessment and achieve the micro-certification.

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Participants will:

  •     Explore all aspects of the Service Portal application

  •     Learn how to reconfigure an existing portal

  •     Review the Service Portal framework

  •     Discover the baseline Employee Center portal

  •     Create new Service Portals, Themes, Pages, and Menus

  •     Understand how to use and create Widgets

  •     Re-use existing Portal components

  •     Explore Service Portal search capabilities

  •     Discover the User Experience Analytics dashboard

  •     Configure other aspects of the platform to enhance a Service Portal

  •     Create a Guided Tour within a Service Portal

These objectives are achieved through a combination of demos, lecture, and group discussions. Lab exercises woven throughout the class walk you through building your own Service Portal from scratch.


Completion of the ServiceNow System Administration course with 6+ months of hands-on administration experience.

Although all scripts are provided for lab exercises, participants will find them easier to interpret and read if they have a basic understanding of:

  • Scripting in ServiceNow

  • AngularJS

  • Bootstrap

  • CSS

  • HTML

Studijní materiály

Materials are in electronic form from official ServicNow tool.


Service Portal Advanced

Service Portal Fundamentals (EN)

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1 700 USD + 21% DPH

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