Using video in the English Language Classroom


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How can we help students acquire the core language, skills and strategies they need to communicate successfully in today's busy world? How can we help them build confidence to achieve the competencies they need?

Use of video is one of modern attractive ways of teaching language, so let´s have a look on a role of video in teaching language. Is it just a tool of entertainment or we can identify some teaching techniques supported by modern equipment?

It is important that the use of video offers two major advantages:
1. It is highly memorable.
2. It is also highly motivating.
- it is a part od students´ lives in a way that so much else we use is not (possibly but music).

Clearly, it would be unwise to ignore this flexible and attractive resource.

This workshop highlights the key teaching principles in use of video in your class. Let´s have a look at variety activities we can use exploiting or video designed for teaching purposes or an authentic video.

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Using video in the English Language Classroom

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