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PRINCE2® 6th edition Foundation + exam (EN)

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Popis kurzu

This course provides a detailed insight into the PRINCE2® method according to the latest version from 2017, marked as PRINCE2® 6th edition. 

The course contains an explanation of basic terminology and definitions of project management. As in the previous version, you will learn 7 basic principles of project management, 7 topics and 7 processes. You will understand how to use this method to set up the management of real projects in the organization and at the same time prepare you to successfully pass the PRINCE2® Foundation exam, which is included in the price of the course.

Cíle kurzu

  • To apply main principles, topics, processes and techniques of PRINCE2® methodology (PRINCE2® 6th edition).

  • To use key management tools of PRINCE2® methodology.

  • To use complete PRINCE2® terminology.

  • To apply process model of PRINCE2® used while managing the life cycle of project.

  • To apply the technique of product oriented planning PRINCE2®.

  • To complete the certification exam PRINCE2® Foundation.

Určeno pro

The PRINCE2® Foundation course is intended for anyone who uses project management, participates in projects as a project manager, team leader, project coordinator, analyst, etc., or wants to prepare for the PRINCE2® Foundation certification exam.

Obsah kurzu

  • General overview of PRINCE2®

  • Preparation of project

  • Project settings (Introduction and history of PRINCE2®, methods)

  • Project management and supply of its products (7 PRINCE2® principles, 7 PRINCE2® topics, 7 PRINCE2® processes)

  • Progress management and project closure

  • Adjustment of PRINCE2® for particular project

  • Preparation for PRINCE2® Foundation exam

  • PRINCE2® Foundation Exam

The PRINCE2® courses on this page are offered by ATO of AXELOS Limited. PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

Studijní materiály

  • Accredited training materials.

  • An ebook is now included in the price of the exam. The Core Guidance (eBook) contains the best practises, which helps the candidate to prepare for an exam.

  • Proctored eZxam for every participant.

  • Sample papers


PRINCE2® 6th edition Practitioner + exam

PRINCE2® 6th edition Foundation + exam (EN)

Vybraný termín:

29.5.2023 –  31.5.2023  Praha

24 200 Kč + 21% DPH

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