OTM 6.3 Core Competence

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Popis kurzu OTM 6.3 Core Competence

In this intensive and hands-on course, you'll learn about the core functional components of OTM. Learn To:Describe the Oracle Transportation Management and Global Trade Management product options.Find what you need in OTM.Understand how to customize OTM pages.Enter data to model sample business process.Create an order and release an order in OTM.Create buy shipments from orders.Execute buy shipments.Enter buy shipment tracking events.Review order movements.Review network routing.Optionally, review OTM log files.Optionally, review how to upload data to OTM via CSV files.Optionally, review use of ground schedules and trip templates.Benefits to YouUnderstand core functionality of Oracle Transportation Management so that you can quickly get up and running on OTM at your facility.End-to-end Shipment WorkflowYou'll learn what data is required to build direct, multi-stop, and multi-leg buy shipments via actions and bulk planning. Start by entering data for locations, calendars, carriers (service providers), and other data required for entering purchase orders and order releaeses. Create rate structures for the transport modes of truckload, less-than-truckload, and ocean and then plan buy shipments for these modes. See how a service provider accepts or declines tenders and enters buy shipment tracking events once a shipment is in transit.More Details About the CourseThis course is taught from the buy shipment perspective. It does not cover the process from the perspective of a service provider and sell shipments are not covered. Also since OTM is such a large product, this class only covers the basic capabilities and other than shipment planning it does not cover the additional product options available for purchase.This is an intensive course which covers a wide range of topics in 4 days. This course is based on Oracle Transportation Management release 6.3.1.
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