Online course - Personality and role

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Popis e-kurzu Online course - Personality and role

• Differences between the terms personality and role
• How to become credible in your job role?
• Personality versus job role 

In this course we will deal with the differences between your job role and your personality. You will learn how to become credible in your job role. After watching this course you should realize that you can never separate your personality from your job role. The aim of the course is to show you how to make decisions and promote them. Even though we personally don´t identify with the consequences. This course will focus on the roles of managers and leaders. We will also pay attention to the commitment and responsibilities which should be both part of the stated job roles. At the end of this course we will discuss the importance of each component of the managerial role. 
Length of this course: 58 minutes

How much will all learn: 550, - without VAT

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