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Popis e-kurzu Online course - Outplacement

In the virtual course you will learn how to part with an employee and at the same time remain a responsible employer. Outplacement is a professional care for dismissed workers. The goal of outplacement is to minimize the negative impact on the organization as well as on both current and dismissed employees. It also includes the effort to equip the dismissed employees as best as possible for gaining a new employment. In the course, we will present to you the various concepts of outplacement. We will introduce to you the methods of managing the outplacement in a sensitive, dignified and complex manner – both towards those who leave and towards those who stay. We will also deal with connection of outplacement with the processes in the organization and a provision of succession. We will present to you the outsourcing options by means of labour agency or labour office. We will help you to choose the most suitable outplacement approach and to design it. 
Length of this course: 72 minutes

How much will all learn: 550, - without VAT

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