Online course - Crisis Communications

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Popis e-kurzu Online course - Crisis Communications

In our virtual course you’ll learn:
• What are the most probable sources of crisis for your company
• How you can recognize a crisis in time and get ready for it 
• How to set up a crisis communications plan and assign the right spokesperson for your crisis 
• How to handle traditional and social media during crisis

More about this virtual course:
In this video course we will address the topic of crisis communications. We will discuss what crisis communications is compared to crisis management; we will look at the different types of crisis and the different stages a crisis can take. We will also look at the role of different members of your team during crisis communications, including your management, your spokesperson and your lawyer. We will talk about the role of traditional media and social media in crisis management and communications. Above all, we will look for solutions on what you can do to prevent crisis or to manage it well and get out of it like a winner. 

Course presenter: Cristina Muntean
Length of this course: 66 minutes


How much will all learn: 275, - without VAT

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