Online course - Conducting appraisal interviews

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Popis e-kurzu Online course - Conducting appraisal interviews

Every manager must be able to handle interviews with their employees. Especially when it comes to the appraisal interview. Managers must know the principles for avoiding conflicts and for identifying employee‘s objectives for the future. This virtual course simply explains the whole process of an appraisal interview – from a good preparation to an actual conducting of the interview. Conducting appraisal interviews .

In this course you’ll learn about:
• Trends in appraisal 
• Good preparation 
• Building relations 
• Conducting appraisal interview 
• Overcoming complications 

This course is suited for:
Managers, recruiters, team leaders, entrepreneurs.

More about the course:
This course answers the question of why the evaluation is important. Also, what should be the goal of an appraisal interview. It brings the solution of how to appraise our employees, make them accept it and not demotivate them.

Guide:Patrick Broeker

Length: 62 minutes

How much will all learn: 550, - without VAT

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