Oracle WebCenter Interaction 10<i>g</i> R3 Foundations


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This course is a thorough introduction to the WebCenter Interaction (WCI) portal. You are introduced to the key functionality of the portal and are shown how to use the portal to help you in your everyday work. You learn how to navigate through the portal, gaining experience as you tour through MyPages and Communities. You see how to customize the look and feel of the portal through the profile and with portlets. You experience WCI's integrated Search to find documents, people and other components in the portal. You also learn how to use the various collaborative features to enable true collaboration in your work. Finally, you learn how to manage information, including documents, in WCI.earn to:avigate to and within communities ersonalize your portal experience ccess all kinds of information in the Knowledge Directory ollaborate using the portal erform simple and advanced searches, and save searches for future use

Oracle WebCenter Interaction 10<i>g</i> R3 Foundations

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