Oracle Coherence 12<i>c</i>: Administer and Troubleshoot Clusters


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This Oracle Coherence 12c: Administer and Troubleshoot Clusters training covers all the essential knowledge required to administer Coherence in both stand-alone and WebLogic Clusters. Deep dive into different scenarios and how this solution can help you navigate your way through it.pdated for 12.2.1: This course has new content about the new features in Coherence 12.2.1. bLearn To:/pescribe Coherence and its core features.dentify the role of a Coherence administrator.nstall, script and configure Coherence.nderstand caching and what a Coherence administrator needs to know about cachingonfigure and deploy the GoldenGate Hot Cache adapter.dentify and deploy Coherence applications.nderstand the differences between standalone Coherence and WebLogic-hosted Coherence instances.onitor Coherence and Coherence applications in standalone and WebLogic environments.dentify common Coherence problems and how they are triaged.bBenefits to You/pnrolling in this course will help you develop the knowledge to successfully create and manage Coherence clusters either in stand-alone or WebLogic environments. In addition, you will learn all the major subsystems of Coherence and how to configure, deploy and manage these areas.bExplore Coherence/pxpert Oracle University instructors will use carefully crafted lab exercises to guide you through installation, configuration and common uses of Coherence and its major subsystems. Participating in hands-on exercises will solidify your new knowledge and help you apply it to your daily tasks.bExamine Coherence WebLogic Server/phis course will demonstrate how Coherence applications get deployed to WebLogic Server and how Coherence clusters are created and managed in a WebLogic environment. You'll also learn which WebLogic console features are involved in Coherence Server management within a WLS domain.

Oracle Coherence 12<i>c</i>: Administer and Troubleshoot Clusters

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