IBM WebSphere MQ V7.5 Application Development (Linux Labs)

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In this 3 day instructor-led course, you learn how to issue calls that use the WebSphere MQ API (MQI). You learn how to code and use calls to complete various functions, such as opening and closing queues and putting messages on or retrieving messages from a queue. You also learn other important topics such as controlling message retrieval, writing programs that change queue attributes, handling MQI security, and managing message channels.
  • 1. Course introduction
  • 1. Course introduction
  • 2. Overview
  • 3. Exercise: Working with WebSphere MQ objects
  • 4. Using the MQCONN, MQOPEN, MQCLOSE, and MQDISC calls
  • 5. Using MQPUT
  • 6. Exercise: Using MQPUT to create messages
  • 7. Opening queues, message descriptor, and message properties
  • 8. Using the MQGET and MQPUT1 calls
  • 9. Exercise: Working with messages
  • 10. Controlling message retrieval
  • 11. Exercise: Creating dynamic queues and managing Request messages
  • 12. Exercise: Getting and setting message properties
  • 13. MQI security
  • 14. Using MQINQ and MQSET
  • 15. Exercise: Working with queue attributes: MQINQ and MQSET
  • 16. Transaction support and triggering
  • 17. Exercise: Units of work: RESPOND and triggering MQTMCGET
  • 18. Message groups and segmentation
  • 19. Asynchronous message consumption
  • 20. Exercise: Asynchronous consumption of WebSphere MQ messages
You should: Successfully complete course Technical Introduction to IBM WebSphere MQ; Have a basic understanding of the messaging and queuing model and how the model is implemented in WebSphere MQ; Have experience with designing business application programs and developing application programs in C.

IBM WebSphere MQ V7.5 Application Development (Linux Labs)

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26.4.2021 –  28.4.2021  Jihomoravský kraj

35400 Kč + 21 % DPH

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