Excel: macros - Popular syntax in VBA (EN)

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The lecturers have over 10 years of experience in leading training and belong to the core team of MS Office. In addition to Office, HTML and Adobe…

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If you are already quite familiar with the recorded VBA and want to broaden your horizons, then this course is for you.  

You will learn how to make part of the statements repeated, create various conditions in the code that cannot be loaded, and learn about popular syntaxes.

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For everyone who wants to broaden their horizons and make their work easier thanks to excel and macros.

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Program branching and cycles

  • If… then… else

  • For i… next i

  • Do until / while… loop

Error handling

  • On error…


Excel user knowledge at an advanced level.

Excel: macros - Popular syntax in VBA (EN)

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