Cyber security - training for users (EN)

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CEHv10, eWPTv1, CompTIA Pentest+, PECB ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor, Microsoft MVP, MCSE | CISO  
  • SCADA/ICS Penetration Testing

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The training focuses on raising the security awareness of users / employees in the field of cyber and information security. 

This training will demonstrate the effects of cyber attacks and explain what you should avoid in cyber and information security. You will gain first-hand experience of hackers and understand how hackers think. You will get acquainted with the issue of fraudulent websites, ways of releasing these pages on the Internet, ways of communication between hackers, Dark and Deep web. Demonstration videos will show you what such attacks look like and what the effects and ways of controlling private or corporate devices are.

We recommend it as a closed training in the company. 

Cíle kurzu

Increase user security awareness in the field of cyber and information security.

Určeno pro

The course is intended for employees of companies who work with information assets of the company, or with personal data. The course can be a suitable entry into the world of security for ordinary users and beginning administrators of the IT environment. 

Obsah kurzu

  • Danger in the IT space

    - The most common threats

    - Events 2020/2021

    - Priorities of attackers

    - Targets of attackers

  • Internet security issues

    - How to identify the threat and how to avoid it

  • Hacker services free to purchase

    - Ransomware as a Service

    - DDoS as a Service

    - Rent a Hacker

  • Social Engineering (Phishing Attack and Other Techniques)

  • Fraudulent applications, emails, messages

  • Manipulation of files and internet applications

  • Password security

  • Problems of modern times (IoT, IIoT, etc.)

  • Personal precautions and protection

  • The role of the user in cyber security

  • The role of management in cyber security 


Basic knowledge of working with PC, basic knowledge of the Internet

Studijní materiály

Materials in electronic form. 

Cyber security - training for users (EN)

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4 500 Kč + 21% DPH

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