App Development with Swift 4.2

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App Development with Swift 4.2 is a 5-day, hands-on course that is a combination of the Introduction to Swift 4.2 course and the Introduction to the iOS 12 SDK course.
Introduction to Swift 4.2
From Playgrounds to protocols—discover, explore, and demonstrate how to use the fundamental building blocks of the Swift programming language. This 2-day, hands-on course teaches you the basic concepts of Swift programming, including syntax, logic, structures, functions, and patterns. It also includes detailed explanations of language syntax and coding exercises.
Introduction to the iOS 12 SDK
Learn how to build and run your first apps on iOS using the Swift programming language. This 3- day, hands-on course teaches you the common tools, interface elements, and design patterns you need to build apps for iPhone and iPad. It includes detailed explanations of iOS technologies, hands-on use of Apple’s development tools, and coding exercises in Swift that use common iOS frameworks.

Cíle kurzu

  • Learn how to use Xcode Playgrounds to write Swift code
  • Learn common programming patterns used in Swift
  • Learn keywords and vocabulary used by the Swift language
  • Learn how to build native apps using the iOS SDK
  • Learn how to use Xcode and the Simulator
  • Learn how to use common navigation patterns and UI controls

Určeno pro

  • Software Developers
  • Software Architects
  • Technology Consultants

Obsah kurzu

Introduction to Swift and Playgrounds
Constants, Variables, and Data Types
Control Flow
Type Casting
Interface Builder Basics
Displaying Data
Controls in Action
Auto Layout and Stack Views
Segues and Navigation Controllers
Tab Bar Controllers
View Controller Life Cycle
Building Simple Workflows
App Anatomy and Life Cycle
Model View Controller
Table Views
Intermediate Table Views
Saving Data
System View Controllers
Building Complex Input Screens
Working with the Web: HTTP and URLSession
Working with the Web: Decoding JSON
Working with the Web: Concurrency


Basic computer programming concepts: You should be comfortable with basic concepts of computer programming, including variables, strings, logic, and classes. You’ll be expected to write code as part of the training.

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App Development with Swift 4.2

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26.4.2021 –  30.4.2021  Online

30600 Kč + 21 % DPH

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